The Sustainable Water Achievement Award: Gyreum EcoCentre    

GREEN AWARDS got wind of our recent water filtration system.

We were national finalists  and at the awards at Balls-bridge Clayton we got special mention.

The winner had much fancier array of machines that go PING than our low tech, ever humble, ever trying selves.

Our goal has been to achieve zero effluent discharge.  To that end we have through our own and broader EU hands on workshops created perfect means of effluent remediation with key willow, rush species &  more recently we are the national test zone for brilliant Splitter’s solution for water treatment.

New filtration system is within the circle on the right – any water that leaves this system feeds into a series of ponds beneath the shown willow cover that forms a the left leaning crescent

The Gyreum seeks to answer a challenge: that Connaught and much of the daubier parts of our lovely wet wee Ireland is in great need of a low tech / planning free band aid for water treatment.

Planning free means they keep to regulation requirement but add consideration +  technology +  nature zones to secure zero effluent.   Over the past 12 years the team at the Gyreum have been running annual workshops that continually seek to understand how best to contain and ameliorate effluent.  This has meant different experiments with different species in an expanding network of ponds ( one below its neighbour ).  Working with Erasmus students they have designed different varieties of dry toilet systems and experimented with storage – most successfully in 2013 with an Irish version of the Swedish Clivus Multrum design.

Last Summer Christ Spoorenberg of persuaded Gyreum to become the national test centre for his splitter system, a wastewater irrigation system which makes for maximum use of the treatment qualities of the available percolation area. It is a passive (non-pressurized) system that can be easily installed as an extended network of many discharge points with equal flow.  It is suitable for use with willows and other vegetation as the system cannot clog, or get blocked by roots, as with common gravity systems. The key-components are manufactured in an extremely new and innovative way with extreme low environmental impact in mind, hence the simplicity and low cost of it.  All elements are manufactured in Sligo.

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    The use of the RIBBIT system makes any available percolation area work effectively and equally. As the system is extremely easy and flexible to build, at the  national test site at the Gyreum it is laid-out in such wise that the most favourable areas receive effluent. First and foremost the  nitrates and phosphates can now effectively be used as a nutrient before and during the percolation process. The result is cleaner water and substantially enhanced growth of vegetation.
Gyreum Eco-lodge, Co Sligo: The green roof, made of torched-on mineral felt, slopes into the landscape.

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