Best Kept Secret in Ireland

Posted on Sunday, August 28th, 2011 at 20:51

Gyr-eum means the round place (Greek root ‘GYR’ meaning ’round’ with the Latin ending ‘EUM’ implying ‘building). Situated in the North-West of Ireland (in Castlebaldwin, Co. Sligo) it seeks to be invisible with its green roof emerging out of the Irish earth like a temple.

The Gyreum is a retreat and workshop centre in North West Ireland accommodation with an ecodifference. Wind turbines powers the hot water.  Geothermal heat from the ground heats the Gyreum space.  Waste water as well as traditional toilets are connected to a reed  bed system split between the grey and the black water.  There also two dry external compost toilets. Rain water from the huge expanse of roof is collected in a 3000 litre tank, and pumped back for use in showers and toilets.  The organic vegetable garden is manured from the neighbours’ horse stables, and topped up by wormery and compost heap. With aerodynamic shape and expansive south facing windows and three entrance verandas, the Gyreum is ever improving its passive heating systems.

All our food scraps feed the garden, the nearby pigs and some hens.


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